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Grapefruit Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

Grapefruit diet. If you are Vegan and want to lose 4 kgs weight in one month. If you want citrus as well as tropical fruits, this diet plan is perfect for you. But for this you will have to do some planing. While using grapefruit diet plan you will include grapefruits in at least 2 meals everyday. The grapefruit juice is very important for the burning process of calories 2 times more faster than routine. It will act like catalyst for the starting of this process. You may execute The Grapefruit Diet plan at most for 1 month. You can start grapefruit diet again after a month if you feel that 4 kgs are not enough.  Eat fresh fruits but also “albedo” (a whitened layer within the peel of some fruits) to work with the fat-burning capability of grapefruits.  You could find there pectin which will help in digestive functions as well. Drink green tea and mineral, Use plenty of water ( a minimum of 2 liters daily) between meals. When you start losing excess fat, now thats the time to turn to the 2nd phase of grapefruit diet which will last for 23 days and will enable you to maintain your weight.  And after that you will be able to allow yourself to ultimately have bigger meals – boost numerous calories for Four Hundred daily.

Grapefruit DietA sample menu of Grapefruit Diet:


Breakfast time: 2 spoons of oat meal with a glass of milk , 1 spoon of honey, cornflakes and banana.
Lunch time: A single glass of grapefruit juice (low-sugar).
Dinner time: A light weight aluminum foil roasted trout (less than 160 grams), diced tomato with half glass of pasta, 200 grams fried spinach.
Mid-day snack: Only one grapefruit.
Supper: 100 grams grilled roast beef, 5 leaves of lettuce having vinaigrette, half wholemeal roll.


Breakfast time: 0.5 wholemeal roll and 1 glass of orange juice.
Lunch time: 150 ml light fruit yogurt and cereals.
Dinner time: 1oo grams chicken (baked with olive and sage), half glass of white rice along with diced grapefruit, 200 grams grilled broccoli and One spoon of oil.
Mid-day snack: half piece of grapefruit.
Supper: A medium sliced chicory with lemon juice and 1 tbs of oil, two slim slices of breads.


Breakfast time: 1 glass of milk,  1 pepper, 4 pieces of sirloin with 2 pieces of crisp breads.
Lunch time: 1 grapefruit plus you can use 160 ml of kefir.
Dinner time: half glass of pasta, minced chicken meat with sauce (1 table spoon of oil, tomato and a clove with garlic).
Supper: 1 apple and a wholemeal roll with dissolved cheese.


Breakfast time: 1 glass of milk with 2 spoons of cornflakes as well as 1 spoon of whole wheat bran, half piece of grapefruit.
Lunch time: 150 ml fruit yogurt (low-fat), half piece of grapefruit.
Dinner time: 100 grams fried chicken breast, half glass of rice , 2 roughly grated carrots along with juice of lemons and 1/3 glass of green peas, .
Supper: 1 egg with a wholemeal roll.


Breakfast Time: 4 spoons of cornflakes 1 glass of milk and 1 banana.
Lunch Time: A glass of grapefruit juice.
Dinner Time: 100 grams fried with onion sirloin,  half glass of pasta, 200 grams Brussels.
Afternoon snack: 150 ml coffee with milk (2%).
Supper: 1 poultry sausage in a roll with tomato slices and 1 spoon of chopped onion.


Breakfast Time: 150 ml fruit yogurt ( low-fat) along with 4 spoons of muesli with no sugar.
Lunch Time: 120 grams baked lean veal, 200 grams fried beetroots having a table spoon of cream (2%), 2 spoons involving rice with organic olive oil.
Afternoon snack: Half glass of grapefruit juice however, you can eat one grapefruit.
Supper: 100 grams baked chicken breast, 0.25 red grapefruit salad along with vinaigrette and 2 chicories.


Breakfast Time: 4 spoons of oat meal one glass of milk (2%).
Lunch Time: Half glass of grapefruit juice combined with half glass of kefir, sweetener.
Dinner Time: minced chicken meat stewed with veggies ( carrots, 1 tomato as well as 1 glass of string beans, onions), two fried potatoes.
Afternoon snack: One pear.
Supper: An egg, 2 pieces of pumpernickel , chili peppers and 0.25 grapefruit salad along with vinaigrette.

This is the routine of 4 weeks. Hope by using this grapefruit diet you will achieve a rapid weight loss result.


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