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How to Make Gennaro’s turkey Milanese at Home


1 x 800 g free-range turkey breast areaHow to Make Gennaro’s turkey Milanese at Home1
8 big free-range eggs
200 grams fresh white breadcrumbs
100 grams simple flour
100 grams soft Italian cheese, like fontina or scamorza
8 pieces good quality Parma ham
olive oil
truffle oil, (optional)
20 grams Parmesan cheese, to serve


Making use of a sharp knife, halve the turkey chest across the center so it opens away like a book, after that cut every piece in half which means you end up with 4 equal-sized pieces.

Place the chicken on a table, cover having a large piece of stick film and bash every piece to approximately ½cm thick. Beat 3 eggs in the bowl, after that place the breadcrumbs and flour in to 2 separate bowls. Drop a turkey breast inside the flour, then shake off several and dip in to the egg and flow in the breadcrumbs until nicely coated. Place on to a tray, after that repeat with the leftover turkey.

Cut the cheese in to thin slices, after that place on to the turkey, making use of your hands to stick this down. Layer on the Parma ham, pushing this down so it stays, then coat each and every turkey breast within the flour, dip in the egg and coating in the breadcrumbs once more, after that set aside.

Temperature a good lug of olive oil in a big non-stick frying pan over the medium heat. Include two turkey breasts and flame up for Six to eight minutes, or till cooked through and golden, switching halfway. Transfer to some plate and replicate with the remaining turkey. At the same time, fry the rest of the eggs in a big non-stick frying pan for two to three minutes for runny eggs. Separate the turkey among plates, layer over the eggs and drizzle just a little truffle oil on top, in case using. Finish by using a grating of Parmesan and serve with a fine watercress salad, if you want.

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