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Paleo Diet For Effective Weight Loss

One of the main things that a lot of people struggle with in the modern world is obesity. Some have tried numerous nutrion meal plan, including fat loss pills to no avail while others have tried exercising, but exercising without a proper plan is not effective and vice versa. Over the years most people have turned to a diet that has proven to work effectively inhelping them to loose weight and acquire a desired physique, in turn lowering weight related complications. This is known as the Paleolithic diet. It was adapted from the stone-age or ancient people’s way of feeding and developed to fit into the modern man’s eating plan.

paleo diet, paleo diet meal planAlso known as the Caveman or the Paleolithic diet, it gets its foundation from pre-historic and pre-agricultural years, when man ate natural, fresh and unprocessed foods. The cavemen were able to live healthy and long lives and maintain their bodies in perfect health compared to modern men, who have to deal with various health complications like obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc. due to poor eating of processed and foods produced through agriculture. The pre-agricultural men ate fresh, wild fruits and vegetables that grew naturally from the ground, lean meat from grass fed animals and naturally fed chicken, eggs, fish, nuts, roots and seed, which they physically hunted for. This lifestyle helped them maintain a particular physique and stay healthy at the same time.

Currently, individuals seeking to lose weight are advised to turn to this meal plan in order to effectively achieve their weight loss goals. It excludes other foods such as grains, refined and processed junk and sugars, salt, etc. requiring that only the foods allowed be consumed for maximum results. These are high in proteins, minerals anti-oxidants and vitamins, work naturally with the body to help eliminate toxins, lower cholesterol levels, boost immunity and the development of strong and healthy muscles and curb cravings between meals. They include lean meats, lean and skinless poultry, some nuts and seeds, eggs, fish, organ and game meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. Various online sites provide a detailed list of the foods allowed for effective weight loss.

Paleo Diet Review

The caveman, stone-age or paleothic eating style commonly known as Paleo, has received numerous reviews over the years from nutritionists, health professionals and individuals alike. This healthy style of eating became popular after a consideration of the fact that people of the stone-age or rather cavemen ate only natural foods as they came, i.e. fresh and unprocessed, which enabled them to stay healthy, strong and age gracefully without the numerous health complications that the modern man, currently suffers from. It is for this reason that many people have tried or completely turned to the Paleo. However, it is important to study various reviews on this diet before embarking on it in a quest to loose or gain weight or simply to stay healthy.

The best review should not be biased. It should clearly indicate the pros and cons of this style of eating. This is important because if a plan is not followed in a proper and healthy way, it can be destructive to one’s health. Some people have incorporated this plan into their lifestyle and it has worked successfully for them while others have not succeeded. The meal requires that individuals only eat fresh lean meats, fish, fruits, chicken, nuts, vegetables and roots, and exclude foods such as grains, salt, refined sugars, dairy products, flours, and any other processed foods and oils. It has been reported to add various health benefits to the human body such as reducing the risk of developing diseases like diabetes and it is also believed to boost weight loss efforts.

However, since this type of health plan requires that some foods be excluded from one’s eating plan, nutritionists and some critics are very skeptical about it. This is because the body requires the nutrients provided by practically all food groups in order to stay healthy, e.g. calcium, which is responsible for the formation of healthy and strong bones. The foods allowed, are high in protein, which when eaten exclusively, without other foods, can be detrimental to one’s health. People interested in following the caveman diet should first consult with their respective doctors or nutritionists.

Paleo Diet for Athletes For Excellent Performance

The nutrition requires individuals to only eat foods rich protein, fruits and vegetables only, is considered the best diet for athletes. The diet, also known as Paleolithic or caveman’s diet, is based on the theory that our ancestors did not suffer any of the modern health complications because they ate natural and fresh foods as they came. The foods, namely; naturally growing vegetables and fruits, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and roots did not require any processing in order for them to be edible. The foods that are excluded in this diet such as grains, salt, dairy products, refined sugar, and other processed foods contain ingredients that are believed to contribute to the current poor health and weight complications such as obesity.

Nutritionists and trainers recommend the diet for athletes to help them achieve great physique and excellent performance. However, following Paleo is not easy because of the restriction in the kind of foods that should be consumed. A few guidelines have been provided on the internet, including a book published a few years back known as the Paleo diet for Athletes, to help athletes follow it effectively. The book also shows the way athletes can incorporate a few modern diets alongside this one for maximum results.

Paleo is great for athletes because the foods involved work naturally with the body to help them stay not only healthy but also acquire a lean, well-built and energetic body. The protein rich foods help in the growth and development of healthy and strong bones and muscles, and also help in curbing appetite and cravings. Nuts, seeds, fish, and some fruits like avocado, contain healthy fats, which aid in hindering the development of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. The fresh fruits and vegetables contain important minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that aid in eliminating toxins from the body and boosting the body’s immune system. Athletes, who choose to follow the paleo diet, also avoid the risk of developing diseases associated with modern diets.

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