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Side Effects of Paleo Diet and How to Avoid

If you are used to high-carb diet or low-fat standard American diet and you change it to lower carb like Paleo diet your body will need some time to adjust and adopt it. On the other hand, It could be harmful for your health and you can experience some side effects, for short-time period and transient. This type of side effects are generally not very dangerous but could be annoying and irritating.But they are preventable and you can adopt these simple tips to avoid them.

Here is the detailed list of those side effects which could occur when you get started with the Paleo Diet / Low Carb Diet.

You can feel an annoying Headache

Feel body Fatigue

paleo diet plan, paleo diet for beginners, what is the paleo dietLack of energy while doing routine work

Lack of concentration in routine work

You can feel weakness and low


Food Cravings


Body aches even doing nothing

Cold sweats


Irritability and annoyingness

Constipation or diarrhea

While you eat Paleo what cause these side effects?


Changing your diet from a low-fat diet, high-carb, to a lower-carb and higher-fat, it will  need your body your body to move from being a sugar-burner to being a fat-burner.

Mild dehydration

If you are used to of  high-carb diet you know it allows you to keep more water in your body, on the other hand lower-carb diet permits you to dispose of this additional superfluous water from your body.  However, if you lose this extra water very quick, there is a chance of encountering symptoms of mild dehydration.

Withdrawal symptoms

Like drugs dairy, grains and sugar is addictive and effect you brain performance but in a low level. When you will start eating Paleo your body will try to learn how to function without these things and that can result in a withdrawal reaction. But you can get rid of your habit of eating unhealthy things by adopting Four week challenge of this diet.

How long does last side effects?

When you will start this diet plan side effects may start within 10 to 12 hours and usually resolve with in 5 to 6 days. But in some people it can take much time like 3 to 4 weeks.

How you can avoid these potential side effects cause by ?

Eat enough fat

If we compare this diet plan (Paleo) with standard American diet we will come to know standard American diet is low in fat but high in carbs. So if you compare this diet plan i mean paleo food list with standard American diet you will find eating Paleo is lower in carbs. The first thing you should do after you decide to adopt paleo diet, make sure you are consuming the right things to provide required energy to your body to function properly. As per general rule of thumb fat is solution. Many people consume and get benefit by adding about 1 tbsp. of extra natural fat, from ghee, coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil or sometimes even butter, at their every meal. You can help your body by adding nuts butter, nuts and Avocado to your diet for increasing your fat consumption to being a fat-burner instead of being sugar-burner.

Eat at regular intervals

you must have heard about people who practice intermittent fasting, they skip their meals and also restrict their selves from eating within a 8-hour window by adopting the diet Paleo. However, if you have blood sugar issue and you just took a leap into Paleo diet, you are suggested to eat at regular intervals till your body becomes fat-adapted or you  feel that your blood sugar level is at a healthy level.

Drink enough water

When you change your high-carb eating routine to decreased carb intake your body can have a diuretic effect. To avoid this situation and also symptoms caused by mild dehydration by consuming at least 2L of fluids such as sprinkling water, water, tea, homemade broth or herbal tea. Because it will keep your body properly hydrated.

Supplement with salt

Yes, this one is also important you can add a bit more salt to your diet to avoid the side effects due to mild dehydrating effect and diuretic in low-carb diet. To prevent experiencing side effects due to the diuretic and mildly dehydrating effect of a lower-carb diet  diet. It will help your body to retain the required water. Crystal mineral-rich salts, like Murray River salt, Himalayan salt, Celtic sea salt, are best to be used while you are on low-carb diet (paleo) to avoid above mentioned side effects. If possible you should sprinkle about ½ tsp. daily over your food.However, if not possible you can drink 2 cups of homemade salted bone broth as a alternative. Additionally, if both are not available you can use 2 tbsp. of wheat-free tamari sauce to replenish alleviate these side effects and electrolytes yourself.

Consult your doctor

When you start Paleo Diet you could face some of side effects due to lack of adjustment to your medications. If you are taking prescribed medication due to any medical condition, particularly if you have diabetic or blood pressure issues and you are taking medications. Before starting Paleo you should consult your doctor to make sure that your dosage of medicine is adjusted appropriately.

Slow down

You body will take 2 weeks time to acclimate to the Paleo diet, so when you start you should avoid high intensity physical activities. However you can adopt low intensity exercises and physical workouts, walking is the best but listen to your body. If you feel low energy or something like that you should give a complete rest to your body. It is important to gently adopt the new way of eating.

Stick to it and be patient

May be after adopting Paleo diet you don’t notice instant changes in your body, so be patient and resist the temptations. You will notice that things are getting better and easier especially you will notice that your energy level is improving and things are getting lot easier. Stick to it and be patient to notice the benefits of eating Paleo and avoid side effects.

Special considerations

If you decide to adopt Paleo diet and low-carbs by cutting sugar and grains or increase fat and sodium salt in your eating routine. It is suggested to talk to your doctor before making any change in your daily diet routine. If you have any medical condition such as diabetes issue, blood sugar issues or hypertension and you are taking any prescribed medicine, you should consult any registered dietitian or your doctor to help while you transit to a lower carb diet. When you decrease your carb consumption it will instantly low your level of sugar in Blood, can lower your blood pressure, which may require a change in your medical treatment.

★ The thing to remember here if your doctor is not familiar with Paleo, consult the Diet Physician Network.

Start Paleo Diet routine gradually

When starting on Paleo to get rid of your belly fat you should increase your fat intake routine gradually if you are used to low-fat diet.

Lastly I will suggest you to talk to your physician first before you decide to take a leap into Paleo Diet.

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