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Top 10 Unexpected Uses of Coffee Filters

These tips are easy and useful for a lot more than just your early morning brewing.

Top 10 Unexpected Uses of Coffee FiltersCoffee filters can be household need for a lot of us who need a jolt get started in the morning. However their easy shape plus lint-free design makes them attractive many other ways, as well.

1. Put them between stacked dishes.
Secure your best dishes from breaking and scratchs by sliding coffee filters among stacked bits.

2. Utilize one as a snack bowl.
If you are not interested in dirtying another dish, sub within a coffee filter regarding eating snacks, crackers, or some other small bites. Actually filter’s bowl-like shape is the ideal shape and size for a snack.

3. Clean up home windows and mirrors.
Since coffee filters tend to be lint-free, you may swap these filters out for paper-towels to clease home windows a no-streak sparkle.

4. Spot one in the base of a flower pot.
Before you decide to pour potting soil inside of your container, place a filter within the bottom hole. By doing this, extra water may escape, however the dirt stays in its position.

5. Corral small items in one place.
Setting up an IKEA dresser? Maintain all screws, finger nails, and other bits from moving over the ground having a filter.

6. Dusting your Television.
A coffee filter is ideal for grabbing particles from displays both big (your tv) and little (your apple iphone).

7. Collection a colander or sieve.
When the perforations in the strainer are too big to catch little bits of meals, line it having a coffee filter 1st.

8. Capture popsicle drips.
Snip a hole down the middle of a coffee filter, and press the stick of the ice pop via it to avoid sticky fingertips (and discolored clothing and flooring) in the summer.

9. Stop microwave messes.

Take a filter over your leftovers to prevent irritating sprinkle whenever you heat these up.

10. Soak up excessive oil.
Deplete French fries or bacon on the filter to assist pull away extra fat%