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Top 15 Flat belly diet foods that Eliminate belly fat

All men and women do a lot of hard work when they get fat or overweight. Many Weight loss plans are available on the internet now a days who claim that after purchasing there plan you will become slim and smart, but this is not the healthy way.

You can get rid of the belly fat by changing your daily routine. Walking 45 minute daily, 5 days a week is the best way to reduce weight. But if you are young you can practice many exercises and can join a fitness club. Besides all that you can eliminate belly fat by consume fat burning fruits and foods.

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Here is the list of Flat Belly Diet foods.

1. Avocados: As per research Avocados are filled with basic fat killing components monounsaturated fats and hunger crushing fiber (12-18g each avocado). Both of these are helpful to reduce belly fat.

2. Vegetables: Here is a list of veggies which will do an active role to enable you to have flat belly. Vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale and cauliflower carry phytonutrients like indole 3 carbinol. These components fight against those factors which can add belly fat.

3. Healthy Oils: Coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are really fat burning healthy oils. These oils support your body to burn stubborn fats.

4. Green Tea: is also a fat burning liquid. As per the test of an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition green tea boost the metabolism of body by 35 to 45%.

5. Walnuts: Like the flaxseed and seafood, walnuts are full of omega-3 acids. Walnuts are not only helpful for weight loss, they also play an important role for the health of your brain and heart.Use them in daily routine to get best results.

6. Sunflower seeds:  are filled and enriched with Vitamin B. So they are very good aids against inflammation. Not only Vitamin B, these seed are also a great source to get Vitamin E. You can say its the best snack to deal with the hunger. You can ask it is also one of flat belly diet foods.

7. Pistachios: Carotenoids are found in Pistachios. These Carotenoids avoid chances of macular degeneration.

8. Natural Peanut Butter: Natural Peanut Butter is light to eat and enhances your metabolism. Also a healthy food for your stomach and digestive system. Peanut butter contains Vitamin E which is very good antioxidant, and carry potassium as well which helps to have healthy body. It also have Vitamin B6 which enhance your immune system. If you use it regularly it will help your body to ensure a healthy bone structure. These are the few reasons to consume Natural Peanut Butter with routine.

9. Macadamia Nuts: Macadamia nuts are basically seeds, like other seeds. But its specialty is that it increases the performance of your heart. These seed are very good and healthy to use for containing fibers in them.

10. Berries: Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are filled with vitamins that fight against cravings and also packed with fiber that slow down sugar absorption. Vitamin deficiencies could be the reason of cravings.

11. Beans: Lima beans, black beans and navy beans, these all have more than 6 grams fiber in each 1/2 cup. Fiber is usful to clean pounds system of toxic waste in body.

12. Cinnamon: Studies have shown that a type of antioxidant which enhances insulin sensitivity and helps to level blood sugar is loaded in Cinnamon. So conclusion is that you will carry less belly fat.

13. Chili peppers: Researchers have found that ingredient in chili peppers and its powder (capsaicin) increase the speed of burning calories and stabilize levels of blood sugar. These are potent antioxidant.

14. Wild Salmon: contains protein and high quantity of omega-3 fatty acid. So if we say this is one of the best belly blasting foods, that’s true.

15. Oatmeal / Porridge:  is also loaded with whole grain goodness and figer. But don’t use processed and high sugar junk. Always stick to slow cook oats. You can add berries, cinnamon and walnuts for great taste.

These all foods i have mentioned above are really fat blasting and fight against extra fat and calories. However, you can include more foods like turkey meat, yogurt, omelets and dark chocolate in your flat belly diet.

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