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Top 8 Low Calorie Cooking Tips

Secret Low Calorie Cooking Tips Revealed

low callories diet1. The first tips is to use fat free vegetable broth rather than using regular beef or chicken broth.
You can freeze the vegetable broth in ice cube trays, so when you need to use it add moisture to the dish, and you are able to  add a cube of broth instead of extra oil.

2. Eliminate fat and skin from all meats prior to cook it and here i will suggest to use a marinade so that meat will remain tender.

3. Now lets come to baking recipes. You can replace half fat with pureed fruit in your daily routine dishes and favorite baking recipes.
For example mango  puree must be given a try.
And you can use One-quarter cup of puree as a replacement of one egg.

4. You are suggested to use charcoal grill whole of the year. As an example iron grill pan is a good choice. Because in this pan grilling is easy,  fast and low-fat.

5. In your daily routine foods use high quality ingredients like extra virgin olive oils, superior cheeses and good vinegar, . You will use less but get more flavor.

6. You can use fresh herbs freely. So this way you will use less salt which means less bloating.

7. This is a tip which could be used in daily routine, in lunch especially. Always garnish dishes with vegetable salsa or even fruits could be used as well, These are healthy an will boost your dish with fat-free flavor.

8. You should avoid milk, cream and butter in pureed soups. However, you can use blended 1 large boiled potato as a replacement. Because starch in blended potato will give a richer consistency and it will not affect the flavor of your dish.

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