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Turkey With Sweet Leek Pie at Home

Using a lovely chestnut and sage puff pastry filling


Two rashers higher-welfare smoked streaky bacon, approximately sliced
Turkey With Sweet Leek Pie at Home½ bunch refreshing thyme, leaves chosen
extra virgin olive oil
2 kilos leeks, washed, trimmed; white end sliced into pieces, green end carefully sliced
the sea salt
fresh ground black pepper
780 grams prepared white turkey meat, ripped into big pieces
2 heaped tablespoons basic flour, plus extra for dusting
2 pints organic turkey, poultry or veggie stock
2 tablespoons crème fraîche
500 grams puff pastry
12 jarred or even vac-packed chesntnuts, roasted as well as peeled
2 sprigs of fresh sage, leaves chosen
1 free-range egg,

With this recipe, you will require 780 grams cooked white turkey meats, torn in to big pieces.

This really is dead easy, completely flexible and completely gorgeous. This is not a pretty-boy pie. This is an appropriate, old-school pie which everyone is going to be over the moon to find out on the table. I am using leftover white turkey meat, but you may also mix brownish meats within as well.

Preheat your stove to 190°C/375°F/gas 5. Place your bacon in the large pan on the moderate heat through adding your thyme leaves. Put in a haul of olive oil and enable it all fryoff a couple of minutes. Add all your prepped leeks and fry them off for around 4 minutes. Add a crunch of salt and pepper then pop the cover on the top, turn heat down to moderate and let these cook away softly for Half an hour, stirring every 6 to 12 minutes to ensure they don’t catch. There is going to be sufficient moisture within the leeks to maintain them happy within the pan so that they should be smooth and melt on your teeth once they are done.

While your leeks are set, add the turkey meats to them and mix. In case you a bit of padding mixed in generally there you can set which in as well. Add the flour, blend it in well put in your stock plus stir once again. Include the crème fraîche after that turn heat up and take every thing back up to often the boil. Include a taste through adding a bit more salt plus pepper if this needs after that it turn heat off. Pour the blend through a sieve more than another big empty pan and then let the wonderful gravy through the mixture get into the pan as you roll out the pastry.

Get a heavy baking dish approximately 25 x 35cm. Dust a thoroughly clean surface along with a rolling pin having a bit of flour and also roll your pastry out so it is about tandum the size of your dish. Topple the chestnuts more than 1 half of the pastry after that tear some of the sage leaves on the chestnuts. Fold another half of pastry on the top and roll it carefully and equally so you possess a rectangle large enough to cover the cooking tray. Do not be anxious if a few pieces stick out here & there.

Spoon that will thick leek blend from your sieve in to the pie dish and dispense it out equally. Place your pastry on the top, tuck the finishes under then carefully score the pastry diagonally down with your cutting knife. Adding touch of salt to your beaten egg after that paint that egg clean over the top of the pastry. Pop your pie inside oven for around 30 to 45 minutes or till the pastry is puffed up as well as golden brown. Once the pie is prepared, re-heat the beautiful gravy and serve with the pie, together with some peas chucked in butter, lime, salt and pepper and everybody’s happy!

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