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Can Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Pills Really Be Successful?

With the variety of methods at your disposal for losing weight, you might have asked yourself if over-the-counter weight-loss aids could potentially be the solution to your quest for slimness.

The pills available in drugstores, chain stores and online aren’t necessarily of the same caliber as the medications that are prescribed by your physician. For the most part, these diet pills or weight loss pills aren’t the safest products. They also don’t always work towards long-lasting weight loss.

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Some people, both men and women, search constantly for that magic solution to losing the final five or ten pounds that is their weight-loss goal. While getting rid of these last few pounds can often prove to be very difficult, the best way to achieve this goal is still through sensible and balanced diet and exercise.

The varieties of weight-loss aids available at this time can easily be categorized into three groups:

  • Laxatives – These claim to melt away or flush fat from your system. Taking them also means making several trips to the washroom, as these drugs contain mostly natural laxatives and diuretics. They often come with a warning not to take them within two hours of any other medication, as you might just flush out the necessary medicinal ingredients your body needs. Many also come with a warning or advisory to drink plenty of water (which you should do anyhow when dieting), in order to provide something for your system to eliminate.
  • Appetite Suppressants – While these claim to eliminate hunger and make you feel fuller while eating less, they can also be responsible for creating a number of intestinal problems such as excessive gas, diarrhea, and uncomfortable bloating. These types of products often contain ingredients such as hoodia, psyllium and green tea extract.
  • Stimulants – The labels on these products often claim that they will burn away calories or fat and provide an increase in metabolism. What will likely happen is that they will cause your heart to race and make you feel very jittery and anxious. These stimulants often contain the equivalent of a minimum of two cups of coffee per dose, which can easily explain the unpleasant side effects, especially if you are taking multiple doses per day.

Most medical experts and pharmacists will tell you that taking the above supplements and diet pills will not really help you at all. They will also tell you that although the labels may claim that the included ingredients are natural, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe. The truth of the matter is, there are a number of pills that have been banned by the FDA due to the dangerous side effects that consumers have experienced.

For the moment, until a magic combination is found that will enable all of America and the rest of the world to be slim, your best bet is still to consume a healthy variety of foods, while at the same time engaging in an ample amount of physical exercise. Your physician can help you find the proper balance of both to best suit your needs.

So your first choice should be losing weight with exercising. If you are are on the initial stage of becoming overweight you can try three most trusted methods. 1st, use stairs instead of lift. Even you live on ground floor then too give it a try for 20 mins daily. 2nd, Jump the rope. This is also a very known weight losing method. Do it for 5 minutes continuously with routine. You can start from 2 minutes and increase with practice. 3rd and the last is walking. 45 minutes daily morning walk can give magical results. So its up to your choice either you choose a healthy way to lose weight or artificial method of weight loss pills.

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