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What is Bullous Pemphigoid?

Also known as BP, it is an autoimmune skin condition. It results in the development of blisters underneath the surface of the skin plus the formation antibodies against collagen XVII.

Bullous PemphigoidIt varies from mild itchy welts in order to severe blisters. It can impact small parts of the body and may also be widespread. It has been observed that pet cats, pet dogs ,race horses, pigs and people can also be affected by this. It is a blistering illness and generally occurs in those who are over the age of fifty. Bullous pemphigoid can occur anyplace on the body but the probability of its occurrence much more in skin collapse areas like the underarm and groin. Seldom is the condition life threatening.


Bullous pemphigoid is caused because of the attack of the bacteria fighting cells on the pores and skin. The exact cause as to the reasons the cells attack the skin is not known. The condition is not contagious and also spread in one person to another.
Possess shown increased degree of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) haplotype, DQB1*0301 in sufferers with Bullous pemphigoid. Various other medicines that can cause Bullous pemphigoid consist of penicillin`s and furosemide.


The bullae can happen on normal-appearing skin and usually heal without milia or even scarring formation. The actual vesicular form of Bullous pemphigoid is less typical and it manifests as categories of tense blisters frequently on a erythematous base. The actual generalized erythroderma form is really a presentation that can look like generalized atopic dermatitis. Blood assessments are generally inconclusive along with a direct immunoflorecsence biopsy may be required.


There is no therapy for Bullous pemphigoid. It may only be controlled by the usage of medication. Minocycline and Tetracycline anti-biotics are useful in treating mild to moderate condition. This medication can not work on bacteria. This directly works on immune system. These medications can be used in conjunction with potent topical anabolic steroid creams for quick relief.

Oral medicine like Imuran, Dapsone and Prednisone are used like a medication. These medicines are quite effective and have side effects. It takes a complete keep track of of blood work through the doctor at least once per month. In case the blister breaks Polysporin ought to be put on the blister.

Generally Bullous pemphigoid usually disappears totally and then the therapy can be stopped. Treatments are generally required for a number of years however after a couple of months the dose from the medication could be reduced. Bullous pemphigoid usually follows a pattern and also reappears in about 5 to 6 years.

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